Christian Values

We believe that our Christian values must be practiced daily in order to achieve our vision and carryout the mission of Christ.  We believe that without Christ the church does not have any power to live by His principles and values.  Church ministries and activities are often influenced by certain traditions that are not Biblically based, but we believe that Christ-centered values must override tradition to provide effective ministry according to the teachings of Christ.  We thrive to be a Christ-centered value-driven church; a value-driven church will live its faith by adopting and practicing values that define its relationship with Christ. 

The following are Christ-centered Christian values and ministries: 

  • We value our relationship with Christ and live by His principles
  • We value the preached word and the Bible and seek every opportunity to share it
  • We value worship and attending church services and encourage others to do so
  • We value Mount Gilead Baptist Church, its ministries, and strategic vision and will work to carry out its mission
  • We value Christian Education
  • We value Community Service, social justice for all, and equality for all
  • We value the power of witnessing Christ and sharing Him with others
  • We value the power of prayer and believe that all church members should have a consistent prayer life
  • We value the presence and power of the Holy Spirit  
  • We embrace the love ethic of Christ and living by it
  • We value and believe in the power of faith and affirm our Christian Stewardship through our faith and trust in God
  • We value being benevolent and reaching out to our community
  • We value giving of our time in ministry service
  • We value Christian character and integrity

We believe and trust in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and believe that He has given us the Holy Spirit (the Mind of Christ) to live by these Christian values.